Always a treat when travel takes you to the “Big Apple”, which I’ve never really understood how it has anything to do with an apple. “Concrete Jungle” I get it. Nonetheless, I took the train recently from the Newark Airport Station to NY Penn Station, then catching a cab to meet with clients. Everyone knows in NYC to hail a taxi you almost have to get run over, except if you are catching a ride from Penn Station. Which when you exit out of the train station really means you are trying to get a taxi from Madison Square Garden.

Anyway there’s a protocol to getting a taxi outside MSG. You stand in line and wait, just like at the airport. So I dutifully take my place in line at 9:00 am trying to get from MSG to near Radio City for client meetings and this lady walks out in the middle of the road trying to hail a cab in front of all the people who are waiting in line. Well of course the security guy did the right thing by telling her to “get in line”. “WHAT” she screams in her NY accent. “I have to wait in that line to catch a damn cab?” “YES”!! So to the back of the line she trudges.

Elderly gentleman behind me says “Welcome to New York City Lady”. I causally laugh, expressing “exactly”. Like I know what I’m doing. Then he says “You might not know it, but I’m from the farm country.” Me: “Really, where is that” Him: “New Jersey”. I start laughing and say “No Sir, I’m from the farm country, Idaho”. His eyes get big and he asks, “What is a farm country girl from Idaho doing in New York City?” Me: “Work, I travel to the city for work, just like you.” Him: “Well I’ll be damned, welcome to the city.” Me: “Thanks, got to go now, my turn to get the taxi.” Him: “One of these days, I plan to get out west.” Me: “You should, and call me when you’re on you’re way, (I give him my number, knowing I’ll never hear from him again) thanks for the chat and have a great day.”

“You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl” ~ Perspective

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