Quality of Life

It’s a mystery to me why doctors of cancer patients say stopping #chemotherapy will give you a better quality of life, for the time you have remaining. My sister fell for this ploy and her quality of life sucked. She made the decision, with her Dr. & husband, to stop the chemo treatments on Feb. 13, 2020, she died on March 13, 2020.

In that final month she was bedridden, throwing up, could not keep anything down, was on oxygen, numerous pills and sleeping a lot. How is that a better quality of life? Hospice came in twice a week at the beginning and everyday the final week. Their job was to make her comfortable, primarily with drugs. Once they started giving her the morphine we knew the end was near. But at least the morphine afforded her some fun. She said she went to Hawaii and was on the beach, she also went to Italy and was drinking wine. To which we replied that she was the only one out and about in Italy because the country is in quarantine due to #CoronaVirus.

Do you believe in a body/spirit transition period? Where at times you are still of this earth, but your spirit can come and go? Or is it pure hallucinations due to the morphine? I choose to believe in the transition, because I want to believe my sister really did have fun before leaving this earth for good. Cheers, baby Sis!

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