Remember as children when you would lie down in the grass and find shapes in the clouds? Simple times back then in this world of change. Then along comes #coronavirus which has us all staying home & rethinking our lives. In our rush to get back to normal, is it time to stop and rethink which parts of “normal” are worth rushing back too?

Certainly we can take more time while continuing social distancing to enjoy the old simple ways of life. Materialism is a misnomer when what’s really important is family & health. You don’t need the biggest house on the block, or the nicest car, or the newest trends to wear. All you really need is to refocus priorities & ensure you are taking care of the important things first. What are those to you?

Let’s all stop 🛑 and refocus our collective energies on being kinder, gentler, & taking care of our fellow humans regardless of race, religion, gender, politics and take time to show your kids, grandkids and yourself how beautiful and amazing this world really is. How each day you wake up is another day to stop for a minute, look up into the heavens & enjoy the beauty and wonderment of, if nothing else, the shapes in the clouds. Let me know what shapes you see in these clouds.

Published by Conversations with Carli

Just me...trying to live life one day at a time!!

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