Sunrise or Sunset?

Are you a sunrise or sunset person? A better way (at least to me) of saying: are you a morning or night person? Me, well I prefer the sunrise and a cool crisp morning with a hot cup of coffee. I get up early, and love fresh morning air to set the mood for the day. That said, I believe the sunsets make the better photo ops, but they both have their purpose and beauty.

The sun rises early over the desert and it’s really the only time of day you want to be outside. By mid afternoon the only things brave enough to be out are the little lizards which scamper from time to time across the backyard desert landscape. The creatures of the desert are fascinating & very different from the creatures who inhabit the mountain region where I grew up. Desert tortoises, road runners, lizards and I suppose large spiders & snakes which I’ve yet to see and hope I never do inhabit this region of the planet. Why do we fear them anyway? Oh right…because they slither & crawl and can hurt you really bad.

But at the end of the day, when we say goodnight to the sun and hello to the moon, haven’t we all just spent our allotted time co-existing on the same planet? We all have a purpose, even if we don’t understand each creatures true nature and reason for existing. The human creatures as well as the slithering kind, we are all here together in our own time and space, until we’re not.

So whatever you are, a sunrise or sunset person, breathe it in, enjoy the beauty & creatures of the planet around you & remember we’re all on it together.

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Just me...trying to live life one day at a time!!

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