We All Have a Story…

…where does your’s begin?

As a society we are very self-centered. The scope of our personal relationships doesn’t typically extend beyond our “core” family and friends, our world revolves around them.

Sure we all have hundreds of people we count as acquaintances but we really only know a few, and only a few only really know us. And even then sometimes, do those people who are the closest to us, really know us, or do we keep things hidden deep inside our inner souls? Just for us.

If we really stopped and took the time to listen, we’d discover that everybody has a story. It’s what makes us unique, our own personal life story. No one else has it, just YOU!!!

I love listening to people’s story. It’s the reason I started this Blog in the first place. To capture in writing some of the stories I’ve encountered along life’s journey, be it a brief moment in time, or a history. Everybody has a story and if we just took the time to listen and understand, maybe we wouldn’t be so quick to judge, so critical, so dismissive.

One thing I can guarantee: YOU ARE FANTASTIC, just the way you are. Embrace that, and let’s hear your story. It’s worth telling!!!

Published by Conversations with Carli

Just me...trying to live life one day at a time!!

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