Fractured Families, Fractured Lives #ovariancancer

Every family has that one person who we consider the “glue” to keeping the family together, so what happens when that person dies? I can begin to see the answer in my own family as I struggle to understand the dynamics between anger and denial in the grieving process. When #ovariancancer first came into our lives it was April of 2019. Three months later we were all wearing rubber teal colored bracelets with the slogan “No One Fights Alone” on them. Stronger as a family is what they said would happen, but as the months wore on, and my sisters journey with cancer seemed to get worse after her surgery, the family bond began to break.

It’s almost a helpless task, “pulling for someone” & “cheering them on” as they stare down death. I think the dying come to accept that they are dying long before their loved ones do.

I don’t believe we can ever truly heal, and I know things will never be the same. But what remains unanswered is if the family that’s left behind, will be able heal. Or are we so fractured now that we just accept and appreciate what was and move on? Time will tell, it always does.

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