The Lesson or the Teacher?

Is history the Lesson or the Teacher? I suppose it’s really more a reflection of the lens you choose to look at it through.

What has history already taught us about the tipping points that change the trajectory of our lives? And what lessons are we willing to accept from it?

I’m not talking about the pandemic itself, I’m talking about how life is changing as we knew it in relation to it. We’re hearing a lot about the Flu of 1918, how everyone was encouraged to wear masks & not congregate in large mass gatherings but we are humans and most humans crave some type of social interaction. Be it alone in a crowd or with friends in a crowd we still need it for our own mental health. Just like in 1918, you couldn’t stop people from celebrating the end of the war, in 2020 you just can’t stop people from gathering as they’ve come to know it. Or can you?

My generation sat in a classroom everyday learning how to write cursive (a debate for another time) and I suppose now my grandchildren will not even attend a brick and mortar school building and all learning will be done online. It what does that do to building social connections? We’ve evolved through history from a one room school house concept where students if all ages were in the same classroom learning at different levels, to being segregated by age vs learning ability. Which really only benefited those who were “average” learners. Think about it, in a traditional school setting the students who learned at a faster rate were bored, and those who struggled to learn fell behind and in a sense were also bored. Sure we had a few classes each group could be put into based on learning ability but the entire curriculum, from my little perspective, was designed for the average child.

So what lessons can we learn from history about how eduction and school can and should evolve from this pandemic? Will online learning become the new norm and will parents and their jobs be able to adapt to it, while they at the same time are adapting to a new working remote normal?

I found out recently that this fall when he goes back to school he will be in a class for students who learn a faster rate, and they are looking at shortening the school day for them. Because they learn at a faster pace, they don’t need to be in the brick and mortar school building all day and these student are very adept at online learning. But that begs another question, aren’t all kids better today at online learning? They have electronic equipment in their hands from the time they can hold them up. Wouldn’t it be better for all students to utilize online learning or a combination of both, with shorter schools days?

Is history the teacher, trying to help us look at how we learn in a different way? Or is history the lesson and we need to look at it with a more open lens & adjust or focus to see it clearly? Only time will tell, and someday history will be us, right now, in this life we are living. What lessons do we want to leave for those, who will look back on the year 2020, to learn from?

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