Natures Beauty

“All that you behold, that which comprises both god and man, is one ~ we are the parts of one great body.” – Seneca

Traveling around the beautiful area of Southern Utah, and feeling a need to escape the July heat I decided to head up to the ski resort of Brian Head. Ski resorts are infamous for reinventing themselves in the summertime with mountain biking trials, hiking, chair lift rides etc. and again, cooler temperatures. I took in the smells of the wooded pine & aspen trees, which so reminded me of home and had a little state down with the cutest little rockhound. Who would move first? I did, which sent him burrowing down into the safety of the earth. Had lunch outside on the deck of one of the few restaurants open and walked around the lake before deciding to get on my way.

There are two roads that lead to the resort, I’m not sure if my original way of getting up there was the front or back route but I guess it’s all depending on from which direction you are coming to get there. Like most things. I decided to continue the route I was and not backtrack the way I had come. I saw signs saying there was a National Monument close by, might as well go “check it out.” Driving on what appeared to be a very flat part of the very top of the mountain I saw the sign that said “North View Overlook” to the Cedar Breaks National Monument. I had just last the first entrance and decided to quickly pull into the second entrance, which might really have been the exit but seeing no other cars in the lot I took a chance.

All I can say is from here is that sometimes, it’s the unexpected journey that leaves the greatest imprint on your soul. You can’t see it from the road, your forced to walk down the pathway to get a glimpse of what the sign was referencing. Not often do I come upon a sight that literally stops you in your tracks and takes you breath away but this one did. All I could do was stare and marvel at this most incredible work of nature. The kind you look upon and say, this truly has to be the work of God. Because even though you know the science of how these majestic formations are created, only something bigger than ourselves could put it in a place to view that literally catches your breath. And a reminder that sometimes it’s the journey and not the destination that makes all the difference.

We are one great big world, god and man and earth and heaven. So take the back roads from time to time, venture off the path and enjoy this amazing planet we call home.

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