Where are They Now?

What do you miss from the pre-Covid world? I miss traveling and the random conversations I had along the way. I was a Frequent Flyer for many years, which means I spent the majority of my time in airports, hotels and office buildings. Which really means I made a home away from home on a hotel barstool. Fancy ones, but still, it’s the life of a frequent flyer.

Strangely enough, I miss the people who made an impact on my life without ever knowing it.

Like Marie, the bartender at the Marriott Suites I stayed at so often in Southern California. She would see me checking into that hotel, before electronic keys, and by the time I took my luggage to the room and came back to my seat at the hotel bar, she has a glass of Chardonnay waiting for me. We had many conversations over the years about life, kids, jobs etc. She was my friend on the road.

And Forrest, who was always there with a smile on his face, in the Concierge Lounge of the Marriott Hotel in Philly I had the privilege of frequenting. He didn’t say a lot but it was a comfort that he was always there. A familiar face after a long day.

And Diane, who worked at the front desk of the Marriott in Dallas, and always made sure I knew she “upgraded” my room. Which really, most of the time they were a normal rooms, just on a higher floor. Except that one time, she really did upgrade me into the Presidential Suite. It was awesome. I kept trying to talk my co-workers into having our meetings at the giant table in my room, but they didn’t buy into it. I think they were all jealous that I got that room and they didn’t. HaHa. Thanks Diane.

And the bartender at Bistango, although I don’t remember his name, he never forgot about me hiding behind my laptop on the patio, and always made sure I had water with lemon along with my Chardonnay. And for the many times he endured my Boss!! 🤣🤣

And the skycap at my home airport, who worked the Delta Medallion checkin on the second level of the parking garage. He always a said “welcome back” and “have a safe trip”. But I have to laugh remembering the time he said “Where are you headed today? Orange County again?” Me: “Yes” as I hand him my ticket (pre-app) and he says “Well…this ticket says your going to Houston.” Me: “Oh you’re right, I am going to Houston.” Thanks for always keeping me on the right flight. ✈️

And the bartender at the Delta Sky Club Lounge in Newark, who would set a glass of Chardonnay down at the other end of the bar when he saw me come in and wave at him. This was so I didn’t have to stand in line to get a drink, I always tipped him well of course. 💴 There was always a line in the EWR Skyclub lounge to get a drink. Tired business travelers trying to get home at the end of a long week.

I don’t know where any of these people are today, or if they are still working. I can only hope they are during these times when the travel industry is taking such a big hit and business travel is almost non-existent. I hope they are safe & well.

They don’t know it, but their kindness and conversations meant a lot to me for many years. Sadly, I never told them that. But I’m adding it to my bucket list to go back to all those places and if they are still there, I will thank them for making an impact on my life, just by doing their job really really really well. And to all the hotel bartenders out there, thanks for taking care of the regulars. 🍷

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