The Road Less Traveled

“Take the Road Less Traveled” a familiar saying we’ve all heard a million times before. But what does it really mean? What difference does it make to be out there on a lonely road, your only companion being whatever scenery is right in front of you? Is it the quiet and serenity we seek or a diversion from the traffic and noise that has come to be such a normal part of our daily lives? And in this new normal we are living even the expected rush of traffic has diminished. So why the desire to take The Road Less Traveled?

I took this lonely road recently and felt great when I started out. But after realizing I had no connection to the outside world if something happened, I started to feel a slight sense of panic setting in. Then I let my emotions go back and forth between “take the road less traveled” & “what the hell am I doing?”

I only had to drive on that lonely road for about an hour before I was back in civilization. But it really got me thinking that “The Road Less Traveled” just might not be the road for everyone.

What do you think?

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