Does anyone else feel lost in this crazy world? A year ago I thought I had my future planned out. But 2020 had other ideas. I feel so lost in this world without my Sister. Why did #ovariancancer have to rear it’s ugly head and take her from us?

Nothing I thought I wanted a year ago even matters today. I sold my house of 20 years and moved to a new city. It’s taken awhile but the new town is growing on me.

Maybe, just maybe, I’m where I’m suppose to be. 🤞💖

Which begs again the question from an earlier post, where is home? Do you need a “brick and mortar” structure to make a “home” or can it just be wherever you are any given moment in time?

Having this conversation recently with my Son, and his comment was “but Mom, you still need a home base.” Do I? Or is it more that your children need a “home base”? That place of security they can return too when they need a home base?

Why not be a nomad? One of my favorite quotes has always been “Jobs fill your pockets, adventures feel your soul”. So why not take more adventures? Spend your time & money there instead?

What is life, after all, if we don’t live it to the fullest while we can?

Published by Conversations with Carli

Just me...trying to live life one day at a time!!

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