The Carousel

When was the last time you got on a horse? You know, the kind of horse that takes you up and down and around and around of only for a few minutes? For me it was yesterday while walking through the city park with my father and we decided to take a ride.

For $1 each and a few minutes in time we got to feel like kids again. Not a care in the world as the horse took you up and down and around and around to the classic music that signifies The Carousel is in motion. 🎠

Wouldn’t it be grand if all of life were as simple as choosing which horse to ride around on in a beautiful city park on a sunny spring day. πŸ’

When standing outside the gates watching the carousel it appears to be going much faster than it does when you are onboard. Isn’t that also true of life, jumping onboard always gives you a different perspective. So my friends, don’t stay on the sidelines watching the world go around and around without you. You matter, jump onboard with me and let’s enjoy the ride. πŸ’–

#thecarousel #enjoytheride #thesimplelife

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Just me...trying to live life one day at a time!!

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