The Hotel Bar

Admit it, as a pre-Covid frequent business traveler, you’ve missed The Hotel Bar. 🍷 🍸 Whether they know you’re name or not, you feel like they do. And let’s face it, the good ones always knew your name.

But you…you were either a Marriott or Hilton loyalist (Marriott lifetime platinum for me) and you stuck with your brand. Familiarity was what we all craved. “We” being the frequent fliers who lived for airline, rental car & hotel status. Road Warriors whose lives revolved around being “Up in the Air.” You know who you are. 😉

I didn’t have to come to The Hotel Bar tonight, but let’s face it, I was longing for nostalgia. So while visiting my Son for Mother’s Day, I decided to stay at the Marriott, have a pre-dinner drink at the Hotel Bar, then dinner with my Son, in the Hotel Bar and stayed around for one more after dinner on my own,

But in my 21 years of business travel, the conversation I remember most was in the Marriott Newark Airport Hotel Bar and the 5 by 5 Rule conversation with a frustrated, frequent flyer Dad. (see past post on the 5 By 5 Rule). So to that Dad, I hope you figured it out. 🙏🏼

Conversations with Carli….so many of them during my years of being on the road. I wish I could remember them all. The random conversations at The Hotel Bar with people you will never talk to or see again. And here’s to all the bartenders who remembered I was a “Chardonnay” & to all the strangers sitting at The Hotel Bar whose conversations I secretly listened in on & to those who had conversations with me, Here’s to you! 🍸🍷 I hope you & your loved ones have stayed safe through this whole pandemic. And who knows, maybe we’ll meet again someday, in another Hotel Bar. 🤝

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