Mental Health

Finally the world has started to have meaningful conversations about Mental Health. Due primarily to gymnast Simone Biles. Through all of her many accolades and accomplishments, may this be her lasting legacy. She’s a hero!!!

But you don’t have to be an Olympic Gymnast to understand mental blocks. We just need to understand it happens to everyone. How many times have you been at work, or doing something you’re passionate about and all the sudden you lose it? Something’s not right? You can’t put your finger on it? Or you simply just hit a wall & burn out. I’m DONE!! Can’t take the pressure one more minute. All of which falls under the category of mental health.

I worked in a very high pressured career for over 25 years, one which in order for you to do it you had to learn to block out all emotions. You couldn’t put a human aspect to it at all, or you would fail. The pressure was immense. One day, after sitting through 2 days of management meetings and listening to the top brass tell us of all the changes coming with the company, which of course were really all designed to benefit the “stockholders”, I quit. I walked into my bosses office that same day and resigned. He was in complete shock. Asked me if I had another job & I said no. He said “what are you going to do then?” I said “ I don’t know, I have a few ideas, but nothing in place. I just know I can’t do this anymore.” Then after spending several more minutes talking about my ideas, he said. “I think you’re going to do really well, and actually, I’m kind of jealous.”

Thus began my journey back into entrepreneurship. I absolutely made the right call. Whatever your dreams are, whatever your goals, whatever your passion, do that. The mind is a very powerful tool, but take care of you, first and foremost.

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