Where are They Now?

What do you miss from the pre-Covid world? I miss traveling and the random conversations I had along the way. I was a Frequent Flyer for many years, which means I spent the majority of my time in airports, hotels and office buildings. Which really means I made a home away from home on aContinue reading “Where are They Now?”

Natures Beauty

“All that you behold, that which comprises both god and man, is one ~ we are the parts of one great body.” – Seneca Traveling around the beautiful area of Southern Utah, and feeling a need to escape the July heat I decided to head up to the ski resort of Brian Head. Ski resortsContinue reading “Natures Beauty”

Fractured Families, Fractured Lives #ovariancancer

Every family has that one person who we consider the “glue” to keeping the family together, so what happens when that person dies? I can begin to see the answer in my own family as I struggle to understand the dynamics between anger and denial in the grieving process. When #ovariancancer first came into ourContinue reading “Fractured Families, Fractured Lives #ovariancancer”

The Lesson or the Teacher?

Is history the Lesson or the Teacher? I suppose it’s really more a reflection of the lens you choose to look at it through. What has history already taught us about the tipping points that change the trajectory of our lives? And what lessons are we willing to accept from it? I’m not talking aboutContinue reading “The Lesson or the Teacher?”

We All Have a Story…

…where does your’s begin? As a society we are very self-centered. The scope of our personal relationships doesn’t typically extend beyond our “core” family and friends, our world revolves around them. Sure we all have hundreds of people we count as acquaintances but we really only know a few, and only a few only reallyContinue reading “We All Have a Story…”