Alone, but not Lonely

Maybe, just maybe, there really are people in this world who are meant to be alone. Not lonely, but alone. There’s a difference, but you probably won’t understand it, unless you’re one of us. The people who really are okay being alone. As a matter of fact, we actually prefer it. It’s not that weContinue reading “Alone, but not Lonely”


I often wonder, am I too comfortable being alone? Is it healthy? I certainly don’t mind it, and most of the time I prefer it. I have a few friends (mostly in different cities) but I’m not someone who’s phone rings off the hook with invites for getting together. I’ve been on my own forContinue reading “Tranquility”

My Sister, My Friend

Being a Sister is a beautiful and sometimes complicated relationship. But for me and my youngest sister we were best friends for 53 years. We had a lifetime of love, hurt, laughter & pain. Because that’s what Sisters do. As a teenager, I helped raise my younger sisters after my parents got divorced. It wasn’tContinue reading “My Sister, My Friend”