Mental Health

Finally the world has started to have meaningful conversations about Mental Health. Due primarily to gymnast Simone Biles. Through all of her many accolades and accomplishments, may this be her lasting legacy. She’s a hero!!! But you don’t have to be an Olympic Gymnast to understand mental blocks. We just need to understand it happensContinue reading “Mental Health”


What do people really mean when they say they have “trust issues”? Issues with who? Certainly there are people you trust. Family, but not all. Friends, for the most part. Colleagues, until you don’t. If there’s anything years of business travel taught me, it was that I have trust issues. It certainly didn’t start outContinue reading “Trust”

The Hotel Bar

Admit it, as a pre-Covid frequent business traveler, you’ve missed The Hotel Bar. 🍷 🍸 Whether they know you’re name or not, you feel like they do. And let’s face it, the good ones always knew your name. But you…you were either a Marriott or Hilton loyalist (Marriott lifetime platinum for me) and you stuckContinue reading “The Hotel Bar”

Life, it’s complicated

Life…is a complicated series of twists and turns. You have a path you’ve designed for yourself, a vision of how it’s suppose to go. But it never really does because in the middle of your dreaming and your vision, life happens. Moments in time that change the trajectory of your plans on a dime. ButContinue reading “Life, it’s complicated”

How do you make the call?

How do you make the call, that having no life at all, is better than the one that you have? September is National Suicide Prevention Month. 1-800-273-TALK (8255) I’ll probably never truly understand why I was in that spot at that moment, on Monday afternoon, but I was. I couldn’t help him, I was inContinue reading “How do you make the call?”