First blog post

I travel for a living, but this is not a travel website blog.  Sure I’ll post about my favorite cities, hotels, restaurants etc. but this blog is about the conversations I have with people along the way. “Random Strangers” as I like to call them; but somehow we are all connected in this business travel world we live in of airports, airplanes, hotels, office buildings and hotel bars, which is where most of the random conversations take place. As any “frequent flyer” knows – you don’t talk to each other on the flight, unless you’ve had one too many cocktails, then everyone around you just feels lucky they weren’t seated next to you on that flight. But you do talk at the hotel bar.

I’m currently at EWR in the Delta SkyClub.  Great views of the Manhattan Sklyline, decent food; snacks on the buffet but pretty awesome they have a hot dog stand set up with Nathan’s Coney Island dogs (no charge)!!  I should get one, but I’m not hungry.  On the other hand, the Chardonnay is good and the bartender here remembers me and knows what I want to when I walk in.

Everyone’s looking for a place to sit – a place to call their own for the next hour or so, where they can “plug in”, charge up before their flight and conduct those last minute business calls.  I’ve had two conference calls while here myself. But I suspect a lot of them are having random conversations, pretending they are still working, in their business suits. I hear their conversations, and usually it’s really their spouse or significant other they are talking too; telling them they’ll be home soon (maybe only for the weekend) but they’ll be home.  And the spouse is wanting a night on the town when they get home; but as a business traveler, the last thing they want, is night out. After a few days on the road the last thing I want is “another steak dinner”.  I want to stay home and eat cereal on my patio, enjoy the sounds of the neighborhood and everything quite I missed on the road.

Well, my flight’s boarding now.  I used to be the first one in line to board, now, I sometimes wait until I hear they are paging me.  After all, it’s an airplane.  Technically, we all take off and land at the same time!

Goodnight from Newark!